Painting commisions undertaken, & kit building considered.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Kitson Meyer Paint, Lining & weather Commission

Theres been a radio silence for some time now. However, thats not to say I haven't been modelling. I just haven't finished them all yet!First off the press is a commission for painting, lining & weathering for John deFraysenette's stunning 'County Gate' layout. The loco is a piece of 'just supposing', that is ever so convincing. John loves articulated motive power & this monster follows his recent forays into this realm of heavyweights for County Gate. Its a beauty & I had a great time doing this job.
Without further delay here is the evidence

To follow shortly are some complete builds I am doing for a 7mm established kit company. I'm keeping mum at the moment, so watch this space.
Further goodies on my workbench are a railcar paint commission for MJCampbell, a diesel weathering treatment for fellow Sussex Downs modeller Tim Sanderson, & some nearly complete A1 model diesels I have built for sale. Thats not to mention my Backwoods miniatures 'Chevallier' which will be reported on my Bowaters blog

Saturday, 30 January 2010

My Darjeeling railcar makes an apearance

This week I was happy to see that Allen Doherty of Worsley Works has kindly used my photos of the DHR railcar build, as the example images on his website for this particular set of etches.

Found here.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Nigel Lawton O&K Montania diesel 009 scale Brass Kit

This is a brass kit I assembled & painted of the O&K Montania diesel by Nigel Lawton. I completed it in early 2006 & its one of my favourite locos to this date. Its really amusing when at exhibition & punters have to stop & take a second look to see if their eyes are fooling them, as this beavers along the track! It really is miniscule at 32mm long!!

I forgot to mention, the photo was kindly provided by my friend and fellow Sussex Downs Narrow gauge Modelling group member, Michael Campbell

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Darjeeling Railcar in 009

New today is this Darjeeling & Himalaya Railway Railcar in 4mm scale that I have just finished for a client. It is built from a Worsley Works 'scratch aid'. These are handy little purchases that require enough input from the builder to be rewarding challenge & certainly a damn sight better than using plasticard scratch building entirely from the start. They are best described as incomplete kits with no instructions or drawings. More of a service to the discerning modeler.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

WW1 Baldwin Gas Mechanical brass Kit, 009 scale

This kit was built for my own collection, back in 2008. It is a complete kit that incorporates an outside frame chassis & a Mashima open frame motor. The model is a highly recommended kit. not as challenging as some, so maybe a good brass kit to take a deep end plunge with, if you've never made a chassis inclusive one before. The instructions are a photographic strip style, blow by blow account, so there is no real room for error (I found, anyway).
What I learnt from this paintjob, was that if one doesnt choose to use an etch primer on a brass body, then, when handled constantly & not varnished straight away, Acrylic WILL wear down, or chip off sharp edges & corners. Nowadays, I wont leave home without my etch primer!

Photos must be credited here to Mick Thornton

Darjeeling NDM6 class diesel Brass build in 009 scale

This model was another 'build to sell' project I undertook. It is a Worsley Works 'scratch aid', rather than a kit.
In this case it is as close to a ull kit as you need to be. Only other additions are the door handles and handrails. Chassis used was a Kato 11-103. Otherwise known as the 4 wheel tram chassis.
This was airbrushed using the same techniques, pretty much, as my Russell build. In fact, this was built and painted simultaneously with Russell.

This model sold to a buyer in Australia.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Chivers Whitemetal kit WHR Russell Build 009 scale

these photos are of the final finished loco. As you can see, I went ahead and ordered some name and
makers plates just to give Russell the final touch.
Another touch that I added was I rebuilt the cylinders from plasticard, as the whitemetal overlays,
I felt, were'nt chunky enough.