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Thursday, 14 January 2010

WW1 Baldwin Gas Mechanical brass Kit, 009 scale

This kit was built for my own collection, back in 2008. It is a complete kit that incorporates an outside frame chassis & a Mashima open frame motor. The model is a highly recommended kit. not as challenging as some, so maybe a good brass kit to take a deep end plunge with, if you've never made a chassis inclusive one before. The instructions are a photographic strip style, blow by blow account, so there is no real room for error (I found, anyway).
What I learnt from this paintjob, was that if one doesnt choose to use an etch primer on a brass body, then, when handled constantly & not varnished straight away, Acrylic WILL wear down, or chip off sharp edges & corners. Nowadays, I wont leave home without my etch primer!

Photos must be credited here to Mick Thornton

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