Painting commisions undertaken, & kit building considered.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Righto, To get things started...
the image pictured here is a Chivers Finelines kit of WHR Russell. 
I bought it with the sole intent of refurbishment, then resale.
It was purchased from ebay for a fair price, but there was a fair amount of attention needed to the minitrix chassis. The motor needless to say, gave up the ghost. Luckily I had a slightly knackered identical unit, so it became the motor donor.
I stripped the whole kit of paint using a solvent, which inevitably caused the glue to fail. So, it was a complete rebuild in the end. 
I ended up using Acrylics through a high end airbrush, for the livery, & used them for weathering to. Varnish, was also acrylic based, but to a matt finish.
I enjoyed this model so much that I can definately see myself investing in the Backwoods miniatures Russell at some point in the future.

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